Victa Amore – Lawn Care Lawn Mower

Victa Lawncare Pty Ltd (Australia)

Contemporary lawn mowers are often aggressive in form or just have nothing to say. They often speak in language which doesn’t talk.

Amore is an electric lawnmower realized after redefining and re-evaluating Victa’s market segments. Targeted to young professionals who appreciate finer things in life, Amore’s sculptural form speak their language. Stereotypically a household chore, Amore attempts to put desire into a lawn mowing; it is a mower to use to be seen.

Amore uses a corded electric motor which is both hassle-free and efficient in a small backyard. It has a foldable handle which allows Amore to slip under a shelf or to stand behind a door.

Amore is the shift of functional engineering to functional design.

Industrial Design, Products, desire, lust