Adrenalina – adrenaline auto injector for anaphylactics

Therapeutic Goods Administration, Australia

Adrenalina is an adrenaline auto injector for anaphylaxis sufferers. It features a dual action activation, a familiar concept found in child- safe mechanisms.

Utilizing innovative mechanics, Adrenalina dispenses adrenaline and prevents the risk of needlestick injuries. It uses an air modulated plunger and dual spring mechanism which automatically retracts the needle ten seconds after activation, eliminating the guesswork of extracting and proper disposal of the needle. In addition, it has a visual indicator which shows when Adrenalina has been used.

Through the course of market research, I realized that auto injector users are moving towards a disposable product. Consumers prefer a single use product, compared to a rechargeable one. Besides adrenaline auto injectors are not used as frequently used as insulin injectors; on average once a year. Thus, it was a conscious decision for Adrenalina to be a disposable auto injector.

Adrenalina presents a breakthrough in Adrenaline auto injector which is intuitive and safe to use.

Adrenalina is the finalist for both the Australian Design Award (Top 10 of 99) and BraunPrize (Top 68 of 950).

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